The Sarasota County Fair Plant Auction was a big success this year!

Special thanks to this year's buyers!

John Albritton

Drymon's Citrus Nursery

Omer Herschberger

Cindy Birkhold

Paul Bowman

Thanks for your support!


Below I've included some good photos of the 2004 Sarasota County Fair plant auction...  

Please be patient while the pictures load.  :)

I load my plants and prepare for the auction.

I received my trophies (Overall Best of Show, Sr. Best of Show, Sr. Best Display & Showmanship,  and Sr. Superior Exhibitor).

The auctioneer gives a quick smile before beginning the auction.

Mr. Drymon helps me by holding up my Bromeliad branch for sale.

The rest of my plants are auctioned off.


I hope you enjoyed looking at the pictures from the auction.  I will contact you with information on the 2005 Plant Show & Sale.  I hope to see you there next year!

Krista N. Schrock

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