The Sarasota County Fair Plant Auction was a Great Success!

Special thanks to this year's buyers!
Jay Fortune
Al Light
Roger Lederman
Sharp Income Tax
Ana Warren

Also, special thanks to the following:
Farm & Garden for providing the pots.
Maurie Duggan for the bamboo.

Thank you for your support!

My awards 2005


I've included some pictures below.  Please be patient for them to load.  :)

Pictures of the plants 
The plants I offered as part of my tropical tiki theme were two Majesty Palm Trees, two Jatropha bushes with bright pink blooms, a freestanding Bromeliad and Epiphyte Branch, two Ficus (Weeping Fig) Trees, two Xanadu Philodendrons, and a Purple Fountain hanging basket with bright pink blooms.
Majesty Palm Trees
Ficus (Weeping Fig) Trees
Jatropha Blooms
Planting the Purple Fountain
Attaching Bromeliads
Bromeliad/Epiphyte Log
Xanadu Philodendron
Xanadu foliage

Pictures of my Tiki Hut Exhibit 
This year I decided to create a bamboo tiki hut display for my tropical-theme plants.  The hut was made from long, sturdy bamboo shoots and the thatched roof was made from palmetto leaves.  The background was a bamboo mat, and also inside the hut was a plush monkey and colorful parrot.
Cutting the bamboo
Assembling it in the yard
Stapling the palmetto leaves to the roof
The tiki hut at the fair

Pictures of the Auction 
The Plant Auction was held at the Sarasota County Fair.
I receive my trophies
My plants are auctioned off

My trophies and awards 
Awards for my plants at the auction:
Overall Best of Show
Sr. Best Display & Showmanship
Sr. Superior Exhibitor
Sr. Best of Class (Bromeliad Log) Rosette
Sr. Best of Class (Xanadu) Rosette
Five blue ribbons, one red
Other Awards Shown (from the 4-H Arts & Crafts Building):
Sr. Best of Show - Horticulture
Sr. Superior Exhibitor - Horticulture
Sixteen blue ribbons, two red