2005 Buyers:
Jay Fortune
Al Light
Roger Lederman
Sharp Income Tax
Ana Warren

The time has come for another Plant Show & Sale!

This year I have six different types of plants to offer for sale, each unique specialty plants.  I have been awarded Overall Best of Show.  Each of my plants received a blue ribbon, and I received Best of Class rosettes on my Hoya vine baskets and bromeliad log.

The date of the auction is Saturday, March 25, 2006, at 12:30 P.M. at the Plant Tent at the Sarasota County fairgrounds.  I hope to see you there!    

Map of Fairgrounds (to plant auction)


I've included some pictures below.  Please be patient for them to load.  :)

Pictures of the plants 
The plants I am offering as part of my potting shed theme are two Variegated Ficus trees, two Lakeview Jasmine trees (fragrant white blooms), two Mamey (corkscrew) Crotons, two Hoya vine wall baskets (light pink blooms), one Bromeliad and epiphyte log, and a rosemary cat topiary with purple violas.
Variegated Ficus Trees
Mamey (corkscrew) Crotons
Lakeview Jasmine Trees
Close-up of Jasmine flowers
Planting the Hoya baskets
Planting rosemary cat topiary
Hoya 14" wall basket
Rosemary cat topiary and purple Violas
Attaching bromeliads to the log
The bromeliad and epiphyte log

Picture of my Potting Shed Exhibit 
This year I decided to create an old potting shed display for my plants.  The shed, formed by a fence, features an aged potting bench, rustic mirror "window," and a sign bearing the words "Potting Shed."
Me at my potting shed display at the fair.

I hope to see you at the fair!

Krista Schrock

PS - Check out HomegrownExplorers.com to find out about the 4-H club I'm in, and what it's all about!

Plant Show and Sale Information 

Sarasota Fairgrounds - 3000 Ringling Blvd.
Saturday, March 25, 2006
Buyer Registration Time: 12:30 P.M.
Auction Time: 1:00 P.M.
Place: Plant Tent (Near 4-H Stage)

Everyone Loves an Auction...
Beautiful plants, trees, and arrangements from Sarasota County 4-H and FFA Chapter members exhibiting in the fair plant show will be auctioned at the 2006 plant auction.  Hundreds of plants will be auctioned.  Portions of your purchase are tax deductible.  Check with your tax adviser for all possible deductions.  Registered buyers from the previous year sale receive free season passes to the fair in the mail prior to the fair.  

At The Sale

Buyer Registration:     
You must register and pick up a bidder card to purchase.  Only adults, 18 and over, can register.  Registration will start one half hour before the auction.  You may also register at anytime during the auction, but you must register before bidding.  Only bids from those with auction numbers will be taken.

The sale is conducted in the "Sale Order", ranked by the exhibitorís results based on judging in the fairís competition.  Overall Best-Of-Show is first.

The duration of the auction is approximately 3 hours.  You may cash out your purchase any time during the auction and up to one half hour after completion.  Payment can be made by cash or Visa/Mastercard.

Plant Pick-Up:
When all your purchases are complete, please proceed to the cashier and cash out.  You will receive a receipt.  The cashier will provide directions for pick-up of your plants. Please keep your receipt to show the plant loader as this is how your purchases are identified.   If you leave the fair gates to retrieve your vehicle and wish to re-enter, get stamped by the gate attendant on your way out so you may re-enter.