2005 Buyers:
Jay Fortune
Al Light
Roger Lederman
Sharp Income Tax
Ana Warren

The Sarasota County Fair Plant Auction was a Great Success!

Special thanks to this year's buyers!
Ana Warren
Omer Herschberger
Jean Murphy
Patty Badgett
John & Lee Ann Albritton
Esta Schrock

Also, special thanks to the following:
Michael G. Wilhelm for the add-on donation.
Farm & Garden for providing the pots.

Thank you for your support!

My awards 2006

Pictures of the plants 
The plants I offered as part of my potting shed theme were two Variegated Ficus trees, two Lakeview Jasmine trees (fragrant white blooms), two Mamey (corkscrew) Crotons, two Hoya vine wall baskets (light pink blooms), one Bromeliad and epiphyte log, and a rosemary cat topiary with purple violas.
Variegated Ficus Trees
Mamey (corkscrew) Crotons
Lakeview Jasmine Trees
Close-up of Jasmine flowers
Planting the Hoya baskets
Planting rosemary cat topiary
Hoya 14" wall basket
Rosemary cat topiary and purple Violas
Attaching bromeliads to the log
The bromeliad and epiphyte log

Picture of my Potting Shed Exhibit 
This year I decided to create an old potting shed display for my plants.  The shed, formed by a fence, features an aged potting bench, rustic mirror "window," and a sign bearing the words "Potting Shed."
Me at my potting shed display at the fair.

Pictures of the Aution 
Below are a few pictures from the 2006 auction at the fair.
Receiving two of my trophies at the auction.
Auctioning off the Hoya wall baskets.
The variegated ficus trees are auctioned off.

Awards for my plants at the auction: 
Overall Best of Show
Sr. Best Display & Showmanship
Sr. Superior Exhibitor
Sr. Best of Class (Bromeliad Log) Rosette (Class: Misc.)
Sr. Best of Class (Hoya) Rosette  (Class: Self Propagated)
Six blue ribbons
Other Awards (from the 4-H Arts & Crafts Building):
Sr. Superior Exhibitor - Horticulture
Eighteen blue ribbons, one red